Curriculum Vitae

Born: 1978

Married; two kids (born September 2011 and April 2014)

Current position

2018 (January)-  Senior Researcher, Programme for Sustainable Circular Economy, Finnish Environment Institute

Previous professional appointments

2016 (May)- 2017 (December) Senior Researcher, Environmental Policy Centre, Finnish Environment Institute

2016 (March)- 2017 (July) Senior Specialist, Experimental Finland, Government Policy Analysis Unit, Prime Minister’s Office (Exchange period)

2013 (February) – 2016 (April) Researcher, Environmental Policy Centre, Finnish Environment Institute

2006 (May)-2011 (July) Researcher/PhD candidate, Department of Social Research, Environmental Policy, University of Helsinki

2006 (February–April) Specialist on energy and climate, Finnish Association for Nature Conservation

2005 (September–December) Project coordinator, Nature League and Friends of the Earth Finland

2005 (August)–2006 (April) Part-time freelance journalist

2005 (February–July) Associate researcher, Asociación Civil Labor (Friends of the Earth Peru), Lima

2003 (March)–2005 (January) Assistant to MP Heidi Hautala (Greens), Parliament of Finland

2002 (September)–2003 (March) Assistant to MEP Heidi Hautala (Greens/EFA), European Parliament, Helsinki

2002 (January)–2002 (September) Intern to MEP Heidi Hautala (Greens/EFA), European Parliament, Brussels and Strasbourg

2001 (Summer) Reporter for TV news, Nelosen uutiset

2001 (April–May) Intern to the minority language radio and TV channel, Russian public broadcasting company, Petrozavodsk

2000–2001 (Autumn–winter) Reporter for the local radio news in Tampere, Tampereen radio, Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE), Tampere

1999–2000 (Four months) Reporter for the Finnish language radio news, P7 (later Sisuradio), Swedish Radio (SR), Stockholm

1999 (Summer) Reporter for a local newspaper, Orimattilan Sanomat, Orimattila


2012 (June) Doctor of Social Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Helsinki

Major subject: Environmental Policy

Doctoral dissertation: “The Multiple Faces of a Sustainability Strategy: Analysing Finland’s Programme to Promote Sustainable Consumption and Production”,  Available at: (grade: eximia cum laude approbatur).

2005 (May) Master of Social Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tampere

Major subject: Journalism and Mass Communication

Minor subjects: Environmental Policy and International Relations

Master’s thesis: “Ydinvoiman uudet vaatteet: Kansanedustajan näkökulma vuosien 2000–2002 ydinvoimakeskusteluun” (The New Clothes of Nuclear Power: Parliamentarian’s viewpoint to the nuclear discussion of 2000–2002),  Available at: (grade: eximia cum laude approbatur).

2000 (Spring) Exchange student, The Institute of Higher European Studies, The Hague University

1999 (Autumn) Exchange student, Department of Journalism, Media and Communication, Stockholm’s University

1997 University student, University of Tampere, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication

1997 Secondary school graduate, Puolalanmäen lukio, Turku

Research awards, research honours and major stipendiary support for research

2007–2011 National PhD programme on Environmental Social Sciences, vacancy for four years, awarded November 14, 2006

2006–2007 Finnish Cultural Foundation, stipendiary support for one year, awarded February 27, 2006

Selected voluntary and professional activities

2016 – 2017 Member of the Board of a housing cooperative, Asunto Oy Soutaja – Roddaren Bostads Ab

2014 Shareholder of Tyrsky Consulting Oy

2012 (autumn) Report on ways to promote experimental culture, The Committee for the Future, Parliament of Finland

2010 Chair of the project coordination group, “Growth in Transition”, Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (FANC) and cooperation partners

2008–2010 Member of the board, Finnish Society for Environmental Social Science (YHYS)

2008 (November)–2009 (January) Research exchange period, Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)

2008–2009 Member of the steering group, research project ”Immaterial consumption and production”, the Left Forum

2008 (September) Preparatory work to support the development of international sustainable consumption and production policies, Ministry of the Environment

2008 Member of the Finnish advisory board on consumer affairs

2008 Chair of the project coordination group, “Climate on a Plate”, FANC

2008 Member of the steering group to implement the sustainable consumption provisions of Finland’s consumer policy programme, Ministry of Employment and the Economy (TEM)

2008-2010 Chair and since the year 2009 member of the Sustainable production and consumption committee (KETKU), FANC

2007–2008 Associate member, research project “Sustainable Consumption Policies Effectiveness Evaluation” (SCOPE2) funded by the EU FP6

2006–2008 Steering committee member for “FIN-MIPS” research project on household consumption funded by Ministry for the Environment

2006–2008 Member of the editorial board, Luonnonsuojelija

2006–2010 Member of the Energy and climate committee (EI), FANC

2003–2011 Member of the environmental working group of the Greens

Language skills

Finnish: mother tongue

English: excellent

Swedish: fluent

Spanish: intermediate

German: satisfactory

French: satisfactory


Reading; bicycling, jogging and swimming